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Mobility in Rostock - Download our brochure about public transport.

Visiting the authorities, language courses, integrative events or the doctor - unfortunately not everything is accessible on foot. Make use of the public transport of Rostock.
The new brochure of the VVW (Warnow Travel Association) aims to reach asylum seekers and registered refugess in Rostock and surrounding. It represents as well a guide for aid workers and committed people.
We provide you with ticket recommendations and inform you about timetables and route map. How do I behave in a vehicle? What do I have to do, if i want to enter or leave the bus or tram? Where do I get important information?
Download and print the flyer, so you can carry all the information with you.

Use also the multilingual brochures of the Hanseatic City of Rostock.
(Please note that the route map contained in the brochures does not represent current status.)

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