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From the city to Gehlsdorf by water.

The shortest way to get from the city harbour to Gehlsdorf is by ferry. From Monday to Friday the ferry shuttles between Gehlsdorf and Kabutzenhof (6 am - 8 pm). On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays the ferry shuttles between Gehlsdorf and Schnickmannstraße (10.30 am - 6 pm) - centrally located in the city harbour.

Ferry Ticket

For the ferry, you need a Ferry Ticket. If you also want to take your bicycle with you, please use the Bicycle Ticket Ferry
If you already have another ticket (e.g. single ticket or day ticket), the ferry crossings are already inclusive.
You can buy your Ferry Ticket on the ferry or at the stationay ticket machines of the RSAG.


In Gehlsdorf the ferry starts and leaves at the end of the Landreiterstraße. The dock Kabutzenhof can be reached via the tram stop Kabutzenhof, about 5 minutes by feet towards the city port. The stops for tram and ferry are both named Kabutzenhof.
On weekends you reach the ferry centrally in the city harbour at stop Schnickmannstraße. You can find the pier next to the passenger shipping.


Find all timetables as PDF Download:

Please pay attention to the following information about the ferry traffic:

Time period

Ferry Gehlsdorf -

Ferry Gehlsdorf -

10/04/ - 12/31/2017

Monday to Friday


01/01/ - 03/31/2018

Monday to Friday

no operation

04/01/ - 10/03/2018

Monday to Friday

Saturday, Sunday & public holiday

Informationen in case of cancellation

Get information about the ferry traffic via our customer service +49 (0)381 / 802 1900 or via Twitter @rsag_rostock.

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