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Local public transport by trams and buses. Welcome at the "Rostocker Strassenbahn AG"!


Rostock is always worth a visit. Founded in 1218 it developed quickly into an important Hanseatic and university city with close connections to Hamburg, Berlin, Scandinavia and to the Baltic area. More information about the city you get from www.rostock.de.

Our enterprise

Whether you visit a fair, a conference or a partner company in Rostock, travel as a tourist or study here - we bring you to one of the nearly 550 stations within the city in time. On these pages you learn everything that is necessary to move fastly, comfortably and for a good value by our busses and trams to every place you want to get to. Since 1881.

Our history

Customer's service

Our main service office is located right in the centre of Rostock:
Passage "Doberaner Hof"
Doberaner Strasse 10-12


Please enter the stations (place of departure / arrival) as well as date and departure time into the form at the head of this site.

For more detailed inquiries (departure from an address or special point of interest, different public transports, arrival time etc.), change for timetable please.


What you should know about?

Within the City of Rostock there is one rate for all means of local transport. It does not make any difference if you want to go somewhere by ferry, by bus, by tram or by train:

You only need one ticket of the interconnecting transport system "Verkehrsverbund Warnow" (VVW).

The territory of this transport system is divided into different fare stages. The type of ticket you get at the machines at the stations or at our sales offices depends on how many fare stages you cross during one journey. More information about that you get under Tickets.


Name: Rostocker Strassenbahn AG

Address for visitors: Hamburger Str. 115, D-18069 Rostock
Telephone (headquarters): +49 (0)381 - 802 0
Fax: +49 (0)381 - 802 2000
E-Mail: Contact Form

Foundation: 1881

Offers: Local public transport by trams and buses, covering the traffic area of the City of Rostock.

Jan Bleis, CEO
Michael Schroeder, CTO

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